Ashton Locklear : “Dr Larry Nassar has been one of my greatest hurdles to overcome”

Ashton Locklear is telling us her gymnastics story from the very beginning until nowadays. A trip to the Elite, for an American gymnast like no other, with tough times, injuries, and hurdles to overcome.

Gymnastics, started for Ashton when she was 2, after she saw a video from the 1996 Olympics and declaring to her mum « that’s what I want to do when I grew up ». She started in a beginners class with her sister. Two years later, she started competing in tumbling and trampoline, because she was too young to compete in gymnastics. Then, she just worked her way through the levels, until the level 10 at only 10 years old. Her first step in the Elite, was as a Junior at age 15, but already, unfortunately the injuries are starting to appear in her carrier. « I fractured my back, and did not compete until 2014 as a senior at age 16. That year, I competed in I first world Championship. In 2015, I had a shoulder surgery and then in 2016, I was alternate on the olympics team in Rio. One year later, at Montreal’s world Championship,  I injured my shoulder again, and got an other surgery. »

But while she started, and involved her self in the Everest club since the day one of her gymnastics carrier, Ashton decided to leave Everest, to train at WCC with Simone Biles. She was sure about her decision and today she isn’t regretting anything, she only wish she had made this move sooner in her carrier.

Everything was going good for her, 6 months after she left Everest, Ashton was happy and blooming in her new city and her new life. Until unfortunately, she dislocate her knee at practice. She had a surgery the 5th June 2018. « Rehabilitation is always both physically and mentally challenging but luckily I had Dr Tony DeRamus on my team assisting me with my rehab. » Is she telling us. And after fourth comeback after injuries and surgeries, she found that this one was the best and easier rehabilitation period. She thanks the support of « two of the best, most caring coaches in the world, Laurent and Cécile, and one of her very best fiends, Simone ».

Talking about that, Ashton seing her move to the WCC center like a wonderful experience. For example, when she trained at Everest, she have always been told that she would never be able to do certain skills because her legs wasn’t « powerful enough ». But at WCC, with their positive style of coaching, she feels like the possibilities are endless. For illustrate all this story, Ashton has planned to come back competing in February. We will see her on bars, beam, but also floor, what has not happened since 2013.

To conclude, after the gigantic Dr Larry Nassar abuse scandal the past year, Ashton one of the victime of the abuser, confessing the hard time she had to overcome this story : « Dr Larry Nassar has been one of my greatest hurdles to overcome, but with the help of professionals and the loving support of my family I am determined to not only be a « survivor », but to become a thriver. »

By Juliette Bossu

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